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Tired keeping track of all your job applications?

Maybe Excel isn't good enough for all your needs. We've created Vandra to empower you to get one step ahead in your job search.

We make your job-search hassle free.

Whether it is connecting with a recruiter, editing your resume, or simply tracking your job search journey, Vandra helps you manage it all in one place.

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Why Vandra?

Vandra isn't just an ordinary job-tracker. Its smart features are unmatched with any other alternative on the market.

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Apply smart.

Automated Applications

Now, track your jobs, automatically! Enable our Chrome extension and let our algorithm handle the rest. We automate your application entries and your communications with recruiters, so you don't miss out on important updates!

Reply smart.

Cold Email Generator

You can now send hundreds of cold emails to recruiters in one-click! We provide an email automation tool backed with the most extensive recruiter database to make contacting the right people easy. 

Build smart.

Resume & Cover Letter Builder

Don't have a resume? No worries! We provide a resume and cover letter builder with ready to use templates endorsed by career development specialists.

Visit and join our club of smart job-seekers!

Stay tuned for more technical and business updates.

Meet Our Founders

As college students actively looking for jobs and internships, we have faced challenges in tracking opportunities, first hand. We knew we had to solve this problem, and thus, we created Vandra.

Rahul Kejriwal

Rahul Kejriwal

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Divya Rustagi

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Zack Deible

Zack Deible

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